The Rings


Determine the size of your fingers in seconds with our ring sizer.
Measure your finger ideally at the end of the day.
Prefer the larger one if you hesitate between two sizes.


Several methods exist to determine its ring size:

  • Get our ring sizer and measure each finger accurately.  
  • You can use a millimeter ruler and measure the inside diameter of one of your rings. Then refer to the correspondence table below.
  • If you know your US size, you can refer to the correspondence table.

Some of our rings are adjustable, which means they will fit your finger size. However, we indicate the original size of the ring as well as a size range for information.

Baguier Plata

The bracelets

With the exception of a few models, our silver bangles are adjustable and will therefore adapt to your wrists, both female and male. Silver is a malleable metal, so you won't have a hard time getting it to conform to your arm shape. 
Make sure you find the right opening allowing you to put it on and take it off without having to adjust it too much every day. Indeed, this could cause fragility in the central part of the bangle.

For the few models of closed bracelets, we specify the sizes directly in the product page.


All our leather bracelets are adjustable in three sizes with clasps that you can unscrew and screw, so they are suitable for all types of wrist. 
Depending on the model, the three sizes (between the hole in the clasp and the small steel ball) are: 

  • 17 cm - 18.5 cm - 20 cm
  • 16.5 cm - 18.5 cm - 20.5 cm

The three sizes are specified in the product sheet.