Silver jewelry

PLATA PARIS silver jewelry is made of sterling 925 silver. Our stones can be synthetic or natural (details on each product sheet), their colors may vary from one piece to another.

The silver we use is high quality silver that withstands the episodes of life. 

However, silver tends to blacken over time. 
According to people, the acidity of the skin can also accelerate the darkening of your silver jewelry.

Here are some tips to ensure a (very) long life for your jewelry:

  • Avoid contact with chemicals and water.
  • When not wearing them, avoid leaving your jewelry exposed to light. Do not hesitate to store them in the tissue paper and the Plata Paris jute pouch.
  • To restore your jewelry to its natural shine, you can use our chamois specially designed for silver maintenance.
  • Regarding our bangles, be sure to find the right opening allowing you to put it on and take it off without having to adjust it too much daily. Indeed, this could cause fragility in the central part of the bangle.

Leather jewelry

PLATA PARIS leather jewelry is made of top quality cowhide leather.

Our leather jewelry is not treated to withstand water, it will leave marks on your jewelry. Wiping your leather jewelry with a clean cloth will be enough to rid the leather of bacteria and dust that floats in the air and can tarnish your pieces.

From time to time you can use leather milk (which you can find in stores), it will brighten up the color of your leather jewelry.