Passionate about fashion and jewelry, I have often gone to meet artisans during my many travels, curious to discover their workplaces and to listen to them, evoking with love and nostalgia their family heritage. 

This is how in Mexico, seduced and touched by craftsmanship, ancestral know-how and a real passion for the product, my desire to create an ethnic and modern jewelry brand was born.
To achieve this, I made the choice to work hand in hand with local artists and partners, in the heart of the Pueblos magicos, and to select there several times a year, on site, the pieces from our collection.

Plata Paris is therefore a young French company, which works with several Mexican artists shaping by hand, in their workshops, sterling silver and leather jewelry. 
The silver for our jewelry is mined from Mexican silver mines, Mexico being the world's largest silver producer, and the craftsmanship of its artisans in crafting this precious metal is widely recognized.  

The craftsmen are very different from each other, each collaboration is special. Some live exclusively on their creations, others devote a few hours to it per week or per month. We therefore adapt to the pace of each, which explains why some models are only available in a single copy. In any case, manual work being at the heart of our brand, our jewelry will always be sold in limited edition.

You will notice that all of our jewelry has a name of Spanish origin. We wanted to honor our craftsmen and their families, our suppliers and our local partners. They are part of the identity of Plata Paris.

We travel regularly to meet our favorite artisans and in search of new artisans, to find and select the most beautiful pieces one by one, and to master the quality of the jewelry that we offer you.

To offer or afford a Plata Paris jewelry is both part of this story and this adventure, but it is also promoting an artisanal brand that wants to be responsible.