Valentin and Plata Paris is above all a story of friendship. 
While we were looking for an ambassador for our brand in 2018, Valentin was obvious. A relationship of trust from the first moments, a kindness and a notable simplicity in an environment of social networks where human relationships are lost. 
We share common values, the love of travel, craftsmanship and jewelry. It is therefore quite naturally that we embarked on this capsule with the desire to create a raw, rock and ethnic collection, by continuing to work with this precious material that is solid silver. 
A few exchanges, ideas, the first pencil strokes and we are immersed in this adventure. Five craftsmen from the Guerrero Valley, Mexico, rich in know-how inherited from several generations of jewelers, accompanied us on this artistic journey and shaped by hand these seven exclusive pieces: two rushes, two rings, three necklaces. We would like to dedicate these few lines to them and try to highlight their fabulous work, the passion and the love that we can read through these creations.   
Each piece being handcrafted, they are all unique. Like you.